Fainting Goat Studio is a 1,500 sq. ft. recording studio that has many rooms and means of operation. This makes us capable of easily switching between recording a session, scheduling rehearsals, or even holding a photo/video shoot! For your convenience, we offer a variety of professional instruments and other gear available for use in your projects, and can easily accommodate our rooms for the use of your own gear.

Below are a few more options available to you at The Goat: 

Brian Mesko- Working on a guitar part.

Brian Mesko- Working on a guitar part.

Studio Musicians-

At The Goat, we have a large pool of studio musicians that can be contacted if necessary. This comes in handy when solo performers are ready to make a record, or when your band just needs a weird instrument. All of our studio musicians are very friendly, and easy to work with. Because of their extensive experience in our studio, they know exactly how our team works, and get things done efficiently. Costs start at $150 per player, but can vary, please contact us to get details. 


During your time with us, we can have pictures and videos done for you to use as additional advertising, footage to book gigs, and content for your online sites and endorsers. In addition, we will also help promote your project through our websites and social media by sharing your events with our audience such as, release parties, concerts, and any other articles or publicity.

Jazz. The Meskos Husky. He is as awesome as his name implys.

Jazz. The Meskos Husky. He is as awesome as his name implys.

Chris Dewitt, The Tolley Llama, and Mike Riley (left to right)... Innovators.

Chris Dewitt, The Tolley Llama, and Mike Riley (left to right)... Innovators.

The LIVE shows-

Every once in a while, we have some of the musicians that record here preform live with a studio audience. Its basically a party where you get a chance to meet new people to work with, maybe try some new material, and have a blast! We record the performance and will give it to you after its mixed. 



Control Room

- Upgraded iMac computer with PreSonus Studio One and 35in mixing monitor.

- PreSonus StudioLive 32 series III mixing console

- 2 JBL LSR4328P control room speakers

- 4 2 Terabyte Glyph Studio hardrives, we also have an online backup source.

- 2 Neve DI's 



- Peluso 2247 tube microphone

- Lauten Eden LT386 tube microphone

- Lauten LA320 tube microphone

- Neumann KM184 paired condenser microphones

- EV Re20 microphone

- Sennheiser 421 microphones (Vintage)

- Rode Nt2 condenser microphone

- MXL 4000 condenser microphone

- Sure Sm57's dynamic microphones

- Sure SM58's dynamic microphones

- Sure Beta 52a dynamic microphone

- Audix D2 Tom dynamic microphone

- Cad D90 dynamic microphone

- Sennheiser E835 dynamic microphone

- Custom Sub mic built out of an 18in speaker

- MXL R60 ribbon microphone



- Pearl Masters Maple drumset, 6.5x14 snare, 10, 12, 14, 16, 22 toms and kick

- Early 1960's Gretsch (round badge) drumset, 13, 16, 20 toms and kick

- 1965 Slingerland drumset, 12, 16, 20 toms and kick

- 1955-58 George H. Way drumset, 13, 16 Toms, with 1958-62 Slingerland maple/mahgoany 22 kick

- Gretsch Catalina Ash drumset, 8, 10, 12, 14, 22 toms and kick

- Late 80's Early 90's Pearl Export drumset, 12, 13, 16, 22

- Tama Star Classic Birch/Bubinga 7x14 Snare

- Pearl Session Custom 5x14 Snare

- Gretsch Taylor Hawkins black nickel over chrome 6.5x14 snare

- Pearl Mirror Chrome 6.5x14 Snare

- 1970's Slingerland 10x14 Marching Snare

- Late 1950's 5x13 red sparkle snare

- 1970's gold sparkle Slingerland 12in tom

- 12in Gretsch Reknown Maple Tom 

Stringed Instruments

- Gibson ES-335 (dot)

- Gibson 1979 Les Paul (Black Beauty)

- Gibson 2017 Les Paul 

- Fender American '57 Stratocaster (vintage reissue)

- Epiphone Les Paul (upgraded with Pearly Gates pickups)

- Epiphone ES-335 (upgraded with Burst Bucker pickups)

- Breedlove Atlas AD20/SR Plus Acoustic

- Breedlove Atlas AN250/CR classical 

- Breedlove Atlas ABJ25/CM4-FL

- Epiphone Jumbo Acoustic

- Vintage Yamaha FG-180

- Yamaha 24 frett bass

- Cremona Upright Bass



- Yamaha Motif ES-8

- 1985 Kurzweil K250



- 1966-67 Fender Bandmaster Head

- Vintage Roland JC-120

- 1969 Acoustic 360 Bass amp with reverse mounted 18in Speaker.

- 1977 Music Man 2x12 65watt amplifier 

- Fender Blues Jr

- Fender Deluxe Cabinet

- Roland KC-550